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I work in a variety of fields from voice and acting to music and sports coaching (including golf - the yips? I can sort you out). I also deal with performance anxiety, line learning, spelling strategies and academic or professional writing skills.

You might want some support with your thesis, need help to get organised, or you might just be lacking in inspiration at the moment - let me help you find it again!

  • Develop motivational strategies 

  • Evoke your creativity 

  • Decision making

  • Time perception management 

  • Organisation 

  • Planning, writing, and editing 


Behind my mentoring skills are qualifications in NLP, EFT and teaching as well as experience in personal and professional development training.

to find out how I can support you

Learning difficulties


Many of my clients have found my support extremely useful for Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, or Asperger's, and my somewhat unconventional approach circumvents what can at first appear to be a limiting diagnosis.


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