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Here are some comments from past students: 


"A good egg". JO, Production Manager.


“I would like to thank Ysabel for her genuine offering and sharing of knowledge. She was extremely encouraging and supportive. She guided me into questions that deeply influenced my work.” ET, MA student.


“Ysabel helped me understand my work in a completely new way” MT, PhD student.


 “I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ysabel. Her dedication to sharing methods of actor training made her teaching the highlight of my time at Goldsmith’s and I continue to put into practice the expertise that she shared.” **, Actor. 


“I thought I’d done Stanislavsky before. Not like this. Now I completely get it.” NF, BA student. 


“Ysabel's dedication and encouragement was so refreshing. I can safely say that I progressed onto Drama school because of her teaching and became much more confident in my abilities.” RB, audition coaching. 


“Working with Ysabel was inspiring, rewarding and a lot of fun!” RB, BA student.


"Ysabel is a teacher of inspiration and insight. (True.)" MT, teacher. 


"I have yet to meet anyone as learned and knowledgeable as Ysabel when it comes to Stanislavsky and she passes on his ideas with real authenticity and passion." **, BA and MA student. 


“The thing about Ysabel is that she can see into your very soul. She always knew what we were thinking and going to do, days before we did!!” RB, BA student. 


“Thank you so much for all your help - I couldn’t have done it without you” NR, audition coaching, on winning a merit scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Art following audition coaching. 


“I really look forward to our sessions!” BL, voice coaching. 


"I got a much better job on camera after working with Ysabel and now my career has really taken off." **, voice and accent coaching. 


“OMG, you put your finger on it straight away. That’s been giving me trouble since I was a child.” **, voice coaching. 


"Ysabel makes things make sense." SC, Stage Manager. 


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